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Apply for the aauw fellowship dissertation 2024




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When the aauw fellowship dissertation program was established in 1888, women were not encouraged to pursue higher education. It is the biggest fellowship programme offered by AAUW and the nation’s first non-institutional source of graduate support for women. 

With a $25,000 scholarship, the aauw fellowship dissertation helps women academics who are enrolled full-time in academic programmes finish their dissertations. 

A citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States must apply. 

Scholarly excellence, the calibre and novelty of the project concept, and an active commitment to assisting women and girls through service in their communities, professions, or research fields are the criteria used to evaluate candidates. 

The aauw fellowship dissertation overview

The American Fellowships programme, the largest and oldest of AAUW’s grant and aauw fellowship dissertation programmes, was started in 1888, when women were discouraged from going to school. 

AAUW, which is currently among the biggest donors to women’s graduate programmes, has given more than $115 million to over 13,000 fellows and grantees since it gave its first fellowship to Ida Street, a trailblazer in the early American Indian history area.

The American Dissertation Fellowship is intended to partially support a scholar’s living expenses as they work on their dissertation. The prize must be used by fellows for their final writing year.

Eligibility Requirements for aauw fellowship dissertation

All American Fellowship applicants must fulfil the following requirements: 

The AAUW does not allow current interns or members of its board of directors, committees, panels, task forces, or staff to apply for grants or fellowships. 

A holder of an award is qualified to run for office or be appointed to task forces, committees, panels, and boards. 

Candidates for the American Fellowship must be citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States. 

Fellowships are available to women in all disciplines of study at an approved higher education institution, including those who identify as women. 

The final say on what institutions qualify will belong to AAUW. 

In the same year, candidates are not eligible to apply for another AAUW national award or fellowship. 

Online/distance learning programmes: Fellowships provide funding for conventional classroom-based academic courses.

Online courses, distance learning, and degrees with significant distance learning components are not eligible for financing under this fellowship programme. 

AAUW will make the final determination of what qualifies as distant learning for these fellowships.

Applications from candidates who are temporarily studying remotely because of COVID-19 precautions at their in stitution will be accepted by AAUW. 

Previous beneficiaries of any AAUW national fellowship or grant (except branch or local awards or Community Action Grants) are not eligible to apply for American Fellowships.

Selection Criteria for aauw fellowship dissertation

The following standards will be taken into account while choosing fellowship recipients: 

  • The academic excellence of the applicant. 
  • Project design quality. 
  • uniqueness of the undertaking. 
  • Academic importance of the project within the field. 
  • Project viability and the suggested timetable. 
  • The applicant’s qualifications. 
  • The applicant’s dedication to women’s concerns within their community and career. 
  • The applicant’s role modelling for females. 
  • Teaching experience of the applicant. 
  • Possibility for the candidate to significantly advance the field. 
  • The applicant comes from a racial or ethnic minority that is underrepresented. 
  • During the award year, the applicant will be enrolled in a university that isn’t a top-tier research institution or in an underrepresented region of the nation. 
  • Need for money. 

Purposes of aauw fellowship dissertation

The American Dissertation Fellowship is intended to partially support a scholar’s living expenses as they work on their dissertation. 

Individuals who received funding to complete a dissertation in the year before the aauw fellowship dissertation year are not qualified. 

Applications are strongly encouraged from academics working in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as those studying gender issues. 

AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women

Next course starts 1 July 2024

International Fellowships are given by AAUW, the American Association of University Women, to women who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States for full-time study or research in the country. 

Support is provided for graduate and postgraduate study at recognised universities.

aauw fellowship dissertation fund

aauw fellowship dissertation fund
aauw fellowship dissertation fund

Funds from the American Dissertation Fellowships cannot be used for:

  • Purchasing apparatus.
  • indirect expenses.
  • Research assistants.
  • Prior expenses, shortfalls, or loan repayment.
  • Publication expenses.
  • Institutional expenses (overhead).
  • Education costs for dependents.
  • tuition for additional coursework above the number of credits needed to be enrolled full-time while finishing a dissertation.
  • extensive fieldwork.

How to Apply for aauw fellowship dissertation?

Get the following paperwork ready:

  • In your pursuit of scholarly endeavours, three recommenders who are academicians or working colleagues who are well-versed in your work and academic background should be considered.M dossier assistance.
  • Evidence of the greatest level.
  • Evidence of current enrollment (only applications from enrolled students).
  • evidence for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Evidence of a PhD or MFA (exclusively for postdoctoral candidates).
  • official TOEFL test score report or request for a waiver.
  • admissions letter.
  • CV/Resumé
  • Complete the eligibility quiz so that the selection panel can review it.
  • Fill out the application and send it in.

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The aauw fellowship dissertation is evidence of the revolutionary potential of research, teaching, and advocacy in promoting academic excellence and gender equity. 

The fellowship inspires future generations of scholars to follow their passions courageously and continues to change the course of academic inquiry with its unwavering commitment to supporting women researchers and their innovative research projects. 

Let us reiterate our dedication to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and egalitarian academic environment where all views are heard and respected as we honour the accomplishments of AAUW fellows from the past and present.

FAQ for aauw fellowship dissertation

Is the AAUW credible?

With a score of 97%, this charity is rated Four stars. You can donate with confidence if this organisation shares your interests and ideals.

Does AAUW still exist?

We have been fighting for women and girls since 1881 and will continue to do so! We are tough and trailblazing!

How do you prove English proficiency for AAUW?

Be fluent in English and attest to this by presenting one of the Required Components, which include transcripts from English-speaking universities, specific English proficiency tests, or a written declaration attesting to the applicant’s native fluency in the language.

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