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ABSA Gold Credit Card: Unlock Rewards, Travel Perks, and More




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The ABSA Gold Credit Card offers a well-rounded package of features and benefits for those seeking a premium credit card experience. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a savvy shopper, or simply looking for added convenience, the ABSA Gold Credit Card has something to offer.

Features and Services:

  • Secure Payments: Shop with confidence online and in-store with globally accepted Mastercard or Visa protection.
  • Rewards: Earn Absa Rewards points on your purchases, which can be redeemed for cashback or exciting travel and lifestyle experiences.
  • Travel Benefits: Enjoy preferential rates for access to Bidvest Airport Lounges, making your travel layovers more relaxing. The card also offers up to R1.5 million in automatic basic cover for travel emergencies, providing peace of mind.
  • Flexible Repayment: Get up to 57 days interest-free on purchases, allowing you to manage your finances effectively.
  • Low Minimum Repayment: The minimum repayment is only 3% of your outstanding balance when you choose a debit order, making it easier to stay on top of your credit card bill.
  • Additional Benefits: Consider bundling your Gold Credit Card with an Absa Gold Account for a monthly fee of R135, which includes free Absa Rewards membership, no monthly credit card fee, and access to other banking features like overdrafts and personal loans.

Rewards Policy:

The ABSA Gold Credit Card allows you to earn Absa Rewards points on your qualifying purchases. The exact rate may vary, but you can expect to earn up to 1% cashback on your swipes. You can redeem your points for a variety of rewards, including:

  • Cashback
  • Travel vouchers
  • Merchandise
  • Gift cards


ABSA Gold Credit Card generally receives positive reviews for its combination of rewards, travel perks, and reasonable fees (especially when bundled with an Absa Gold Account). Users appreciate the convenience of mobile and internet banking for managing their accounts and tracking rewards.

Safety Measures:

ABSA employs various security measures to protect your credit card information, including:

  • Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode for secure online transactions
  • 24/7 transaction monitoring with SMS alerts and customer call-backs to minimize fraud risk

Mobile and Internet Banking:

ABSA offers user-friendly mobile and internet banking platforms that allow you to:

  • Monitor your credit card balance and transactions
  • Make secure payments
  • Manage your Absa Rewards points
  • Access customer support

Credit Card Application Criteria:

To be eligible for the ABSA Gold Credit Card, you will need to meet certain criteria, which may include:

  • A good credit score
  • Sufficient income
  • Positive banking history


  • What are the annual fees for the ABSA Gold Credit Card?

The annual fee for the card itself may vary depending on the specific product offering. However, bundling it with an Absa Gold Account waives the monthly credit card fee.

  • Is there a minimum spending requirement to earn Absa Rewards points?

No, there is no minimum spending requirement to earn Absa Rewards points. However, the more you spend, the more points you will accumulate.

  • How can I redeem my Absa Rewards points?

You can redeem your Absa Rewards points online through your Absa account or by contacting Absa Rewards directly.


The ABSA Gold Credit Card offers a compelling combination of rewards, travel benefits, and security features. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a value-conscious shopper, this card could be a valuable addition to your wallet.

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