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Bankwest Breeze Credit Card: Simplify Your Spending with Low Rates and Easy Management




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The Bankwest Breeze Credit Card is designed to live up to its name, offering a simple and affordable way to manage your everyday spending. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know:

Features and Services:

  • 0% p.a. Introductory Rate: Enjoy a low introductory interest rate of 0% for the first 12 months on both purchases and balance transfers (a balance transfer fee of 2% applies). This can be a great way to consolidate existing debt or make a big purchase without incurring interest charges.
  • Up to 55 Days Interest Free on Purchases: Make purchases with your Breeze card and enjoy an extended interest-free period of up to 55 days from the statement date. Just remember to pay your balance in full before the interest-free period ends to avoid charges.
  • Free Additional Cards: Share the convenience with up to 3 additional cardholders at no extra cost.
  • Contactless Payments: Breeze cards support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, allowing for secure and easy contactless payments.

Reward Policy:

The Bankwest Breeze card doesn’t offer a traditional rewards program like cashback or points. However, the focus here is on saving money through the low introductory rate and ongoing competitive interest rates.


Reviews for the Bankwest Breeze card are generally positive. Users appreciate the low introductory rate, the ease of managing the card through internet banking, and the option to add additional cardholders. Some users would prefer a rewards program, but overall, the Breeze card is a good option for those looking for a straightforward credit card with competitive rates.

Safety Measures:

Bankwest prioritizes security. Your Breeze card comes with features like:

  • Real-time Fraud Monitoring: Bankwest monitors transactions for suspicious activity and will notify you if they detect anything unusual.
  • EMV Chip Technology: This chip-based technology adds an extra layer of security to your transactions, making it more difficult for fraudsters to steal your information.

Mobile and Internet Banking:

Manage your Breeze card conveniently through Bankwest’s user-friendly mobile app and internet banking platform. You can view your balance, transaction history, make payments, and more, all from your smartphone or computer.

Credit Card Application Criteria:

To be eligible for a Bankwest Breeze card, you will need to meet Bankwest’s standard credit card application criteria. Full details and the application process can be found on the Bankwest website


  • What is the annual fee for the Bankwest Breeze card? There is a low annual fee of $49 for the Breeze card.
  • Is there a minimum income requirement for the card? Bankwest doesn’t advertise a specific minimum income requirement, but they will assess your application based on your financial situation.
  • How can I contact Bankwest customer service? You can contact Bankwest customer service via phone or online chat.

The Bankwest Breeze Credit Card offers a compelling option for those seeking a no-frills credit card with a low introductory rate and competitive ongoing rates. The ease of management through mobile and internet banking makes it a convenient choice for everyday spending.