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Capitec Credit Card: Your Guide to Rewards, Security, and Easy Management




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The Capitec Credit Card offers a convenient and rewarding way to manage your finances. Packed with features and benefits, it’s a great choice for both everyday spending and building your credit score. Let’s dive into everything you need to know!

Features and Services:

  • Up to 55 Days Interest-Free: Enjoy an extended grace period to settle your purchases without incurring interest charges.
  • Cashback Rewards: Earn 1% back on all qualifying purchases made online, in-store, or through digital wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Free Travel Insurance: Get peace of mind with complimentary travel insurance coverage of up to R5 million.
  • No Currency Conversion Fees: Save money on international transactions with zero currency conversion markups.
  • Credit Limit Up to R500,000: Access a generous credit limit to meet your spending needs.
  • Build Your Credit Score: Responsible credit card usage can positively impact your credit rating.
  • Secure Online Shopping: Benefit from secure online shopping with Mastercard SecureCode.
  • Positive Balance Interest: Earn a competitive 3.5% interest rate on any positive balance on your account.
  • Optional Credit Shield: Get added protection with optional credit shield insurance.

Reward Policy:

The Capitec Credit Card offers a straightforward cashback reward system. You get 1% back on all qualifying purchases, making it easy to earn rewards on your everyday spending. There are no complicated points structures or categories to keep track of – just swipe and earn!

Reviews and Ratings:

Capitec generally receives positive reviews for its user-friendly mobile app, efficient customer service, and transparent fees. Users appreciate the convenience of managing their credit card through the app and the competitive interest rates offered.

Safety Measures:

Capitec prioritizes cardholder security. The card comes with Mastercard SecureCode for added protection during online transactions. Additionally, you can monitor your account activity and enable real-time notifications for suspicious transactions through the Capitec mobile app.

Mobile and Internet Banking:

The Capitec mobile app allows you to manage your credit card conveniently. You can view your balance and transactions, make payments, and even apply for a credit limit increase – all from your smartphone. Internet banking offers similar functionalities for easy online access.

Credit Card Application Criteria:

To be eligible for a Capitec Credit Card, you should be:

  • 18 years or older with a stable income
  • Permanently employed or receive a pension
  • Have a minimum monthly salary of R5,000 (R10,000 for self-employed applicants)

You can apply for the card online, through the Capitec app, by calling their contact center, or visiting a Capitec branch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What is the interest rate on the Capitec Credit Card?

The interest rate on the Capitec Credit Card varies based on your individual credit profile and is linked to the prime lending rate.

  • Are there any annual fees associated with the Capitec Credit Card?

No, there are no annual fees for the Capitec Credit Card.

  • How do I make payments on my Capitec Credit Card?

You can make payments through the Capitec app, internet banking, at any Capitec ATM, or via debit order.

The Capitec Credit Card offers a compelling combination of rewards, security, and convenience. With its user-friendly mobile app and competitive features, it’s a strong contender for your everyday spending needs.

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