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Join the fully funded rips summer internship 2024




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For international students, RIPS offers a fully financed nine-week internship programme in the United States. 

The applications for the rips summer internship 2024 are now available. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for gifted undergraduate students and recent graduates from throughout the globe (except citizens of the United States) to collaborate in groups on practical research projects. 

Research in Industrial Projects for Students is the full name of the programme.

rips summer internship 2024 overview

Ageat least 18 years 
DurationJune 24–August 23, 2024.
residenceresidence halls on the UCLA campus 
siteLos Angeles, California, 90095, United State
Internship stateFully funded
Application deadlineFebruary 5, 2024

rips summer internship 2024 Los Angeles

June 24–August 23, 2024, is when RIPS-LA takes place. Students will work at IPAM, which offers offices and technical assistance, and live in residence halls on the 

UCLA campus. Although the sponsors and projects have not yet been decided upon, we anticipate having nine projects.

International Students Whether or not they study in the US, international students are able to apply for RIPS-LA. To learn more, visit the RIPS 2024 website.

If you are a foreign student enrolled in an American university, you will probably need to earn a “CPT” in order to take part in the programme if you are chosen for RIPS.

You’ll probably need to sign up with your school for an independent study course or internship in order to do this.

RIPS Los Angeles

rips summer internship 2024 Singapore

IPAM works in partnership with the Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to choose American students to participate in four projects.

Program dates in 2024 are set for May 20–July 19. Attention: Please note the varied dates of the LA and Singapore courses.

Singaporean students: please refer to the IMS announcement for details and the local participant application.

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for RIPS-Singapore. The only language needed to participate is English. 

RIPS Singapore

rips summer internship 2024 fields

  • Mathematics.
  • Statistics.
  • Data and computing.
  • Computer Science.
  • Analysing Data.
  • Computational Numerical Methods.
  • Technology and science.

Eligibility for rips summer internship 2024

fully funded rips summer internship 2024
fully funded rips summer internship 2024

You can apply for the rips summer internship 2024 as an international student.

  • Students pursuing an undergraduate degree are qualified.
  • RIPS 2024 is open to recent graduates who got their degree no earlier than December 2023.
  • Citizens of the US are not eligible.
  • Foreign students who are enrolled in programmes overseas or in the US are eligible.
  • Applicants must be at least eighteen years old.
  • The programme is open to applicants from all over the world.
  • Applicants have to be recent graduates or undergraduate students.

6 benefits for the rips summer internship 2024

  1. A $4,200 stipend
  2. Allowance for travel
  3. On-campus housing and food Campus visitation with sponsors (pending verification)
  4. Limited partial funding for upcoming attendance at specific conferences
  5. Seniors graduating are qualified.
  6. Visa support for chosen international students.

Apply for the rips summer internship 2024

Under the Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Programs, gifted undergraduate students can collaborate in groups on practical research projects sponsored by business or government organisations. 

At the conclusion of the rips summer internship 2024, each student team will explore the issue and present the findings both orally and in writing, with assistance from their academic and industry mentors. 

Some student teams decide to publish their findings or give presentations at national conferences after participating in the rips summer internship 2024 programme. 

Every undergraduate student in IPAM is given access to a variety of incentives and support.

6 Steps to apply for the rips summer internship 2024

Applicants must use the official website to submit their online applications.

  1. There is a standard cover sheet that you must complete. 
  2. Make sure you are entering the two reference letters correctly.
  3. You will be taken to the RIOS application form after hitting submit.
  4. Kindly submit your application.
  5. Make sure you have filled out all the essential fields.
  6. Attach essential resources:
  7. CV/Resume Translation(s).
  8. Two letters of recommendation (to be submitted online).
  9. Upon successfully completing the application form, the applicants will receive a notification of submission.

Apply Now

FAQ for the rips summer internship 2024

What is the acceptance rate for rips internship?

It takes in 36 interns annually, with an acceptance rate of 2-3%, who work in groups of four on nine industrial projects.

How competitive is Rips LA?

There is fierce competition for the few slots available. Students from other countries are welcome to apply for RIPS-LA.

Does GPA matter for summer internships?

GPAs have long been used as an initial screening criterion for internships and job applications, as they are considered one of the most effective ways to assess a candidate’s preparedness.

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