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Are you a driven and analytical undergraduate student interested in a career in Investment Banking? 

Morgan Stanley invites you to explore exciting opportunities through its 2024 Investment Banking Summer Analyst Programs. 

With a strong global presence and recognition in mergers & acquisitions, equity and debt transactions, 

Morgan Stanley offers immersive experiences in various U.S. cities and London. Discover the details of these programs below.

apply for morgan stanley summer 2024 internship
apply for morgan stanley summer 2024 internship

5 objectives of morgan stanley summer 2024 internship

1-Professional Skill Development:

One primary objective of the morgan stanley summer 2024 internship is to provide participants with a comprehensive platform for developing and enhancing professional skills. 

This includes honing financial analysis, accounting, and valuation skills through intensive training programs and hands-on experience.

2- Real-World Exposure:

The morgan stanley summer 2024 internship aims to expose participants to the day-to-day operations of Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division. 

Summer interns will actively contribute to a variety of corporate transactions, gaining firsthand experience in executing financing and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions.

3- Cultural Integration:

Fostering a deep understanding of Morgan Stanley’s culture is a key objective. 

Interns will participate in an immersive orientation program, enabling them to acclimate to the firm’s values, work environment, and expectations. 

4- Networking and Collaboration:

The morgan stanley summer 2024 internship emphasizes creating opportunities for interns to build professional networks and collaborate with experienced professionals. 

Through team-building sessions, organized events, and mentorship opportunities, participants will have ample chances to exchange ideas and connect with peers, mentors, and senior managers.

5- Project Contribution:

Interns are expected to make meaningful contributions to the delivery of projects within their assigned groups. 

This involves actively engaging in responsibilities such as analyzing corporate and financial information, creating statistical exhibits, and participating in the execution of financing and M&A transactions. 

Overall, the Morgan Stanley Summer 2024 Internship aims to equip participants with skills, exposure, cultural integration, networking opportunities, and project experience.

They are necessary for a successful start to their careers in the dynamic field of Investment Banking.

United States morgan stanley summer 2024 internship Highlights:

Morgan Stanley Overview:

Morgan Stanley stands as a global leader in investment Banking, providing expertise in M&A, underwriting, and financial strategies across 30 countries. 

The United States morgan stanley summer 2024 internship offers opportunities in major cities like New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Menlo Park, and San Francisco. 

Applicants can choose preferred office locations and banking groups aligned with their career interests.

Summer Analyst Training:

Selected candidates will undergo an immersive orientation, gaining insights into Morgan Stanley’s culture, benefits, and responsibilities. 

The morgan stanley summer 2024 internship includes division-specific training focusing on financial analysis, accounting, and valuation skills. Summer 

Analysts contribute meaningfully to projects, working alongside experienced professionals and benefiting from continuous on-the-job training.


  • Summer analyst roles encompass tasks such as:
  • analyzing corporate 
  • financial information
  • creating statistical exhibits
  • building financial models
  • participating in financings 
  • M&A transactions. 

The morgan stanley summer 2024 internship fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging networking and idea exchange through various organized events.

Qualifications and Requirements for morgan stanley summer 2024 internship:

Applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree with a graduation date between December 2024 and June 2025, holding a minimum GPA of 3.4. 

Ideal candidates exhibit analytical, adaptive, and team-player qualities, along with a keen interest in finance.

Application for Processfor morgan stanley summer 2024 internship:

Investment banking applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, emphasizing early applications. 

The program offers opportunities in diverse industry coverage groups and product groups.

London morgan stanley summer 2024 internship Highlights:

Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division in London:

The 10-week Investment Banking Summer Analyst Program in London provides a unique chance to experience 

Morgan Stanley’s culture and functions within the Investment Banking Division. 

Summer analysts gain exposure to domestic and international transactions, building essential skills in financial analysis, accounting, and valuation.

Training Program:

The program kicks off with a week of intensive classroom training in June, introducing candidates to Morgan Stanley and providing division-specific training. 

Throughout the internship, participants engage in practical sessions, business speakers, and various social activities, fostering a collaborative and educational environment.


Summer analysts in London take on responsibilities such as:

  • gathering financial and operating information.
  • creating and updating financial models.
  • analyzing market trends.
  • drafting presentations for wider audiences.

Qualifications and requirements:

Applicants should be fluent in English with strong analytical and numerical skills. 

A commitment to excellence, proven teamwork abilities, and a high academic standard are prerequisites. 

The application deadline for this program is November 12, 2023, with a rolling recruitment process.

Don’t miss out on the chance to kickstart your career in investment banking with Morgan Stanley. 

Apply now and become part of a globally recognized institution shaping the future of finance!

Apply Now 


In summary, the morgan stanley summer 2024 internship  offers a transformative experience for aspiring finance professionals. 

With a focus on skill development, real-world exposure, cultural integration, networking, and meaningful project contributions, interns gain a holistic understanding of investment banking. 

The morgan stanley summer 2024 internship not only hones technical skills but also fosters a sense of belonging and provides networking opportunities, positioning participants for success in their finance careers. 

It serves as a launchpad for future leaders, equipping them with the tools and experiences needed to navigate the complexities of the industry and make meaningful contributions to Morgan Stanley’s legacy.

Frequently asked questions

How hard is it to get a summer internship at Morgan Stanley?

Competitiveness, a strong academic background, relevant skills, and networking increase chances. High demand for limited positions.

What is the acceptance rate for Morgan Stanley summer analyst internships?

Not publicly disclosed. a varied, competitive applicant pool. Strong qualifications improve the likelihood of acceptance.

How long is the Morgan Stanley off cycle internship?

Duration varies; generally several months. Specific timelines depend on the division and project requirements.

What is the acceptance rate for JP Morgan internships?

Unavailable publicly. Competitive; varies by division. Strong academics and relevant experience enhance acceptance prospects.

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