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Samford University’s dedication to promoting academic success and assisting students in their educational endeavors is embodied in the multitude of scholarship options it provides. 

The samford university scholarships which include a range of academic fields, are intended to honor exceptional accomplishments, demonstrated leadership, and a variety of abilities. 

Samford University’s scholarship programs, which are either need- or merit-based, are designed to help worthy students have access to and afford a high-quality education. 

With a long tradition of fostering academic ambitions, the institution is committed to maximizing each student’s potential by offering a successful path and a stimulating community. 

Discover the wide array of scholarships offered by Samford University to start your academic career.

The purpose of samford university scholarships is to honor exceptional performance in the areas of academics, community service, and involvement. 

samford university scholarships overview

Recipients are important members of the university community who uphold the fundamental principles of Samford. 

The following rewards will be given consideration to Samford students who have been accepted in full. 

For eight semesters or until notice of degree completion (graduation), whichever comes first, all freshmen merit prizes are guaranteed. 

It is necessary to uphold the standards outlined in the samford university scholarships descriptions. 

For the anticipated number of semesters needed to complete an undergraduate degree at Samford, transfer scholarships are given out each semester. 

Eligibility for the samford university scholarships

For undergraduate students wishing to study in the US, the samford university scholarships offer a fantastic opportunity. 

International students must have an official acceptance letter from Samford University for a bachelor’s degree program in order to be eligible for the samford university scholarship.

The Samford university scholarship is open to students from both domestic and foreign universities.

In addition to exceeding the university’s requirements for admission, applicants must have a strong academic record.

Merit-based selection is used to grant the scholarship, with an emphasis on potential contributions to the Samford University community and academic success.

Exams for English language proficiency are required of graduates of non-English high school courses.

For new freshmen, this usually means a minimum GPA of 3.5 and an ACT or SAT score of 1240 or above, whichever is higher.

Test results from freshman applicants will still be taken into consideration for the Crosland scholarship.

Using a 4.0 scale, their application will evaluate a recalculated, weighted GPA.

In order to be eligible for the award, transfer students must have completed at least 24 credits of undergraduate courses and typically have a college GPA of at least 3.5.

The samford scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 for all coursework completed at Samford University and adhere to the stated ideals of the university.

9 Benefits of samford university scholarships 2024 in USA

  1. The maximum value of the partial money offered by this international scholarship in the USA is $17,500.
  2. Recipients of the samford university scholarships are recognized and honored for their outstanding academic achievements.
  3. Recipients of the Samford University Scholarship frequently have access to unique opportunities, such as networking gatherings, workshops, and special events.
  4. gives awardees a forum to interact with mentors, alumni, and other academics.
  5. Recipients of the Scholarship are encouraged to actively pursue their academic goals, which fosters an environment that inspires them to achieve success, investigate a variety of fields, and take part in worthwhile research.
  6. fosters a positive environment among Samford University’s community members.
  7. encourages involvement in community service programs.
  8. opens options for career progression and graduate school.
  9. There is a special chance to study in the United States with the samford university scholarships. 

Documents Required for samford university scholarships

  1. completed application for international undergraduate admission; $40 application cost.
  2. Official government papers such as a passport or visa.
  3. Transcript of Bank Statement.
  4. Essay on Self-Recommendation Letter.
  5. SAT and ACT results.
  6. Scores on the TOEFL/TOEFL iBT.
  7. IELTS: A minimum score of 6.5.
  8. Duolingo: A minimum score of 120.

samford university scholarships acceptance rate

samford university scholarships acceptance rate
samford university scholarships acceptance rate

Samford University has an 83% acceptance rate and is a very selective institution. 

Out of the 4,000 applicants for the most recent entrance cycle, 3300 were chosen. 

Additionally, there aren’t many restrictions for SAT and ACT scores. The most recent class’s average SAT and ACT scores were, respectively, 1150 and 25. 

Admission to Samford University is still available even if you consider yourself to be an average or below-average student.

Apply for samford university scholarships

Certain scholarships might need more details. Please pay close attention to the descriptions. 

You can view and submit your application on your own personalized Application Status Page whether you applied to Samford University through the Common App or Samford application.

Apply Now

FAQ for samford university scholarships

What is the average scholarship for Samford University?

At Samford University, first-year students received need-based grants and scholarships on average for $21,150. 

Does Samford give full athletic scholarships?

Samford University does provide football athletic scholarships. Scholarships for academic excellence and need are offered to student-athletes. 

How much is the Davis scholarship at Samford?

The yearly Davis Scholarship is worth $2,000.

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