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Coding it forward fellowship pay is opening up new doors for them to pursue careers in civic technology and different fields. 

About coding it forward fellowship pay

For motivated software engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers looking to modernise technology at federal government agencies, there is a 10-week paid internship programme called the Civic Digital Fellowship.

As one of five practice areas—cybersecurity, data, design, product, or software engineering—is the focus of fellows’ high-impact work. 

You should be familiar with the following techniques, methods, and/or resources in order to succeed in your position. 

In coding it forward fellowship, you will learn more about the technology underlying public services and use your knowledge to create solutions that benefit regular citizens of the United States. 

coding it forward fellowship pay Design Fellow

coding it forward fellowship pay is $61K-$91K

Fellow qualifications as a design fellow :

roleutilise both recent and dated graphic identity guidelines.
generate creative ideas for designs;
generate digital design assets (such as reports, websites, and dashboards) for host office projects.
take stakeholder and user feedback and apply it to their work.
practicebrand strategy and development
visual design
graphic design
design processes
toolsPhotoshopIllustrator InDesign from the Adobe Suite; Figma
apply for coding it forward fellowship pay
apply for coding it forward fellowship pay

coding it forward fellowship pay for Product Management Fellow

coding it forward fellowship pay is ranging  between $82K-$133K and $133K.

roledetermining user needs by conducting user interviews with internal and external stakeholders;
establishing a product roadmap with quantifiable objectives, a schedule, and/or performance indicators.
putting the product vision into practice by producing design assets, documentation, and prototypes;
fostering buy-in and managing stakeholder relationships in murky, bureaucratic contexts.
practicestakeholder managementuser researchhuman-centered designagile developmentcost-benefit assessmentsproduct roadmapsproduct strategyproduct-market research.
toolsInDesign from the Adobe SuiteFigma

coding it forward fellowship pay software engineering

Colleagues ought to feel at ease:

developing, evaluating, and putting into practice scalable data and/or software solutions to support vital server-side goods and services;

  • writing clear, well-documented code and integrating it. 
  • Fellows must be knowledgeable about or experienced in a few of the following areas: 


  • cloud computing
  • unit testing and automation
  • modular code libraries
  • database development and storage
  • server optimisation and compliance
  • API development


  • Windows/Linux
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon Web Services.

Eligibility for coding it forward fellowship:

Federal hiring requirements require all Fellows to be citizens of the United States. 

In addition, you will have to go through the security clearance and background check procedures.

There are no major or degree requirements, and students from all disciplines of study are accepted.

prior work in your profession, such as class projects, hackathons, internships, and so forth.

We respect candidates who:

  • technically, excel. Your skill set is valuable in any field, be it software engineering, data science, design, or product management.
  • motivated by our goal. You’re passionate about public service and social impact, and you want to use your technological expertise to make a real difference.
  • Work thoughtfully and autonomously. You can handle several jobs at once, develop your ideas to achieve excellent results, and be proactive and take initiative in your work.
  • have a pleasure to work with. You work well in teams and exhibit collaboration. You’ll contribute to increasing the cohort’s overall inclusivity through the Civic Digital Fellowship.

Candidates missions:

You’ll help address some of the most important issues facing our nation by lending your cybersecurity, data, design, product, or software experience. 

Previous projects undertaken by Fellows have included user interface redesigns and machine learning models, which have saved millions of dollars and shortened production schedules by years. 

Together with public employees, you will apply your technical and problem-solving abilities to tackle challenging tasks. 

Through the Fellowship, you will have the ability to comprehend the inner workings of government bureaucracy and make a consistent effort to create a government that is efficient and fair for all.

You’ll discover how technology and design tools are used to make an impact at scale, from securing justice for everyone to strengthening the social safety net, by attending weekly events with leading technologists. 

Throughout the 10 weeks, you will also have access to a one-on-one mentor.

Financial Specifications for coding it forward fellowship pay

Fellows will receive a salary of at least $4,000, free accommodation, and free domestic transportation to and from our nation’s capital if the fellowship is held in person in Washington, D.C.

In the event that the fellowship is conducted remotely, fellows will receive a higher stipend to cover living expenses.

A diverse cohort of Civic Digital Fellows is something that Equal Opportunity Coding it Forward is dedicated to putting together. 

We especially encourage women, people of colour, disabled individuals, and veterans to apply.

Coding it Forward complies with applicable laws by offering equal employment opportunities to all workers and job seekers and by outlawing harassment.

There is no discrimination of any kind based on:

  • a person’s genetics
  • protected veteran status
  • Age
  • Sex
  • national origin
  • disability status
  • gender identity or expression.

Total coding it forward fellowship pay

Graduate students make $25 per hour, while undergraduate and bootcamp fellows make $20 per hour.

This depends on their level of education. In the event that you are a recent graduate, your pay will be determined by the degree you have completed most recently. 

Fellows are not entitled to paid time off, retirement schemes, or healthcare benefits.

Application for coding it forward fellowship

First Step: Submission

Fill out an application that includes three short answer questions, a copy of your CV and transcript, any portfolios or projects you would like to offer, and basic personal information. 

Step 2: Evaluation

By mid-November, finish your assessment exercise.

Qualified candidates will be invited to complete our assessment, an hour-long task that lets us assess your skills and how you’d apply them to some of the projects our fellows work on, after our team has reviewed all of the submissions. 

Coding assessments are not a component of this procedure. 

Step 3: Arrange Office Pairing

Sort your summertime best picks into a ranking.

Apply for the Coding it Forward Fellowship

Questions about coding it forward fellowship pay here 

Apply for the Coding it Forward Fellowship

Job titlepay
Civic Digital Fellow$50K-$87K
Design Fellow$61K-$91K
Data Science Fellow$95K-$141K
Full-Stack Developer$79K-$117K
Full Stack Software Engineer$95K-$145K
Product Management Fellow$82K-$133K
Software Engineer$89K-$125K
Civic Innovation Fellow$56K-$99K
Data Science$108K-$159K
UX/UI Design Civic Innovation Corps Fellow$78K-$119K
Software Fellowship$101K-$152K
Data Analyst Intern$53K-$81K


For early-career technologists, there is a 10-week compensated opportunity called the Coding it Forward Fellowship. 

Fellows collaborate in the fields of software, design, data, cybersecurity, and products to create a more just and efficient government for all. 

Both recent graduates and enrolled students are eligible for the fellowship. 

Fellows provide vital capacity to government agencies striving to stay ahead of the technological curve, thanks to their diverse range of technical talents.

FAQ for coding it forward fellowship pay

Will the Fellowship be in-person or remote?

The Fellowship will mostly take place virtually. While a limited number of roles may become available for in-person work this summer, host offices reserve the right to only hire applicants who live in the same area. 

During the matching process, candidates will have access to more information.

Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen to apply?

No. If you satisfy the qualifications for CPT or OPT and are an overseas student with an F-1 visa, or if you are a permanent resident of the United States, you are welcome to apply. 

International students and lawful permanent residents will only be given consideration for positions with state and municipal agencies due to federal employment restrictions.

Will I get to choose which host offices I am considered for?

Once your application and evaluation have been reviewed and approved, you will be able to rank your summer project selections. 

While we will make every effort to respect your preferences, placement is determined by which option best suits the requirements of our government partners. 

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