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The goldman sachs freshman internship 2024 application period is currently open. 

International applicants may apply online from anywhere in the globe. Graduates, law students, MBA candidates, and undergraduates can all apply for internships at Goldman Sachs. 

They provide paid internships In several regions, including the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India.

The goldman sachs freshman internship 2024 Details

Undergraduate students can participate in an eight- to ten-week summer internship through our Summer Analyst Program. 

You will be involved in every aspect of our daily operations.

As an attendee, you will:

  • Attend orientation to learn about our company culture and the responsibilities and advantages of joining the team. 
  • Receive success-oriented training. 
  • Get the chance to engage with other interns and staff members on actual projects.
TimeSummer of 2024
LocationDifferent location
Duration8 to 10 weeks for internship summer analyst.
10 weeks for associate summer internship.

Available goldman sachs freshman internship 2024

Internship for Summer AnalysisAssociate Summer Internship
Candidates now pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree are eligible to apply for the summer analyst internshipCandidates pursuing higher degrees, such as an MBA, JD, MD, or LLM, are eligible to apply for the summer associate internship.
completed in the second or penultimate year of study.completed in the second or penultimate year of study.
Programs run eight to eleven weeksThe program is a ten-week programme
Programs are intended to fully immerse you in the daily operations of one of our businesses.programs designed to give you daily tasks associated with working as a full-time employee at Goldman Sachs

Eligibility for the goldman sachs freshman internship 2024

Candidates who are now enrolled in college or university programmes are eligible. 

This programme is often started in the second or third year of study.

The following conditions must be satisfied in order for you to be considered for an internship at Goldman Sachs:

  • have a full-time undergraduate or graduate programme enrollment.
  • possess a solid academic background.
  • Have fluency in the English language.
  • possess the ability to operate both alone and in a group.
  • obtainable for the internship full-time.

More details forgoldman sachs freshman internship 2024 programs here.

apply for the goldman sachs freshman internship
apply for the goldman sachs freshman internship

5 Tips for Making Successful Application

1- Clearly state your goals and target audience: 

State your application’s goals and specify who your target audience is. 

Developing a targeted and user-friendly application requires a thorough understanding of your users and their demands.

2- User-Centric Design: 

Make an intuitive and simple-to-use interface the top priority while designing a user-friendly design. 

To make sure that consumers can complete jobs quickly and have a great overall experience, take into account user experience (UX) concepts.

3- Performance Optimization: 

Make sure your application runs smoothly and loads quickly by optimising its performance. 

When an application performs well and reacts quickly, users are more likely to interact with it.

4- Cross-Platform Compatibility: 

Ensure that your programme works on a variety of hardware and operating systems. 

An application’s potential user base is increased when it is compatible with a range of devices and operating systems.

5- Frequent Updates and Maintenance:

This shows your dedication to offering a dependable product and guarantees that your programme will continue to work with the newest technologies.

Apply now for the goldman sachs freshman internship 2024

FAQ for goldman sachs freshman internship 2024

What are the chances of getting an internship at Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs internships are highly competitive, with an estimated 1.5% acceptance rate.

How do I get selected for a goldman sachs freshman internship 2024?

  1. Build a strong resume:
  2. Actively network with professionals
  3. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Goldman Sachs and its core values
  4. Develop Strong Technical and Analytical Skills
  5. Prepare thoroughly for interviews 

How much do Goldman Sachs interns get paid?

The estimated total pay for a goldman sachs freshman internship 2024 is $59 per hour.

Will the number of divisions or locations I apply for affect my chances of selection?

Choose divisions and locations that you are genuinely interested in. 

Your chances of success are unaffected by the number of division and location combinations you select; rather, it only helps us understand your interests. 

What format should my CV/resume be in?

Less than 512 KB in size, with a portrait layout, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Text, or PDF as the file type; no password protection; not stored as read-only

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