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unicef scholarships for african students 2024




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In 2024, UNICEF will continue its impactful initiative by offering scholarships to African students, fostering educational opportunities, and empowering the continent’s youth. 

These scholarships aim to break barriers and ensure that bright minds, irrespective of economic background, have access to quality education.

It’s a great non-residential program for African women who are pursuing doctorates in any discipline recognised by an African university.

unicef scholarships for african students 2024

Africans can apply for unicef scholarships for african students in 2024, which allow them to receive financial aid to help with the cost of their education.

Full scholarships are one-time grants that enable you to pursue a degree or attend college.

6 objectives of unicef scholarships for african students 2024:

The Unicef scholarships articulate a multifaceted set of objectives aimed at uplifting African students and fostering societal progress:

1. Empowering African Students: 

The primary aim is to encourage more African women students to pursue higher education, ultimately graduating and contributing to their communities.

2: Assisting the Less Privileged: 

unicef scholarships for african students 2024 strive to financially support individuals who would otherwise lack the means to attend college or enhance their professional trajectories.

3: Supporting Low-Income Countries: 

The scholarships are designed to assist individuals from low and middle-income countries, providing essential education and training for them to emerge as competent leaders within their communities.

4: Championing Diversity:

 UNICEF scholarships actively promote diversity and inclusivity within the realms of education and child protection, recognizing the significance of a varied and inclusive workforce in fulfilling its mission.

5: Developing Local Leaders: 

Through financial investment in the education and professional growth of local leaders, UNICEF aims to enhance communities’ self-sufficiency, acknowledging the pivotal role local leaders play in meeting the needs of children and families.

6: Alleviating Poverty: 

Unicef’s broader mission includes poverty alleviation and investing in overall human development. 

UNICEF’s commitment to scholarships for African students not only facilitates higher education but also serves as a gateway to exploring new places. 

The unicef scholarships for african students 2024 goals are:

  • creating a global network of African women specialists 
  • promoting ideas that are grounded in reality
  • propelling Africa’s development and
  • impacting public policy and academic discourse 

Procedure for unicef scholarships for african students 2024 application:

UNICEF, as a vast organization, provides significant opportunities for students, and here we announce their scholarship programs offering financial assistance to African students. 

Eligibility for the unicef scholarships for african students 2024:

apply for unicef scholarships for african students 2024
apply for unicef scholarships for african students 2024

Applicants must meet specific criteria for the scholarship program.

  • The candidate must be an African citizen.
  • The completion of secondary education is mandatory.
  • Academic records should be satisfactory.
  • Candidates should demonstrate the strength to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

How do I apply for the unicef scholarships for african students in 2024?

The application process for unicef scholarships for african students 2024 involves the following steps:

  • Fill out the application form on the official website accurately.
  • Provide all necessary information in the application.
  • Attach complete documents before submission.

The official website

Opportunities for African Students with UNICEF’s Initiatives:

UNICEF opens numerous opportunities for students aspiring to study and build careers in diverse fields. 

Scholarships become a crucial avenue for financially challenged students, offering support in their educational pursuits. 

African students enjoy an advantage with more scholarship opportunities compared to others.

UNICEF Scholarships for African Students:

Scholarships play a pivotal role for students seeking education abroad without financial burden. 

Here are some UNICEF programs actively participating in scholarship initiatives:

  • International Internship Program (UNICEF)
  • Youth Mediation Program (UNICEF)
  • Global Volunteer Internship (UNICEF)

These programs serve as a foundation, positioning UNICEF as a platform for students charting their career paths. 

The following UNICEF scholarship funds are particularly notable for fully funding these programs:

International Internship Program (UNICEF):

This program provides global opportunities by easing financial burdens and motivating students through scholarships.

UNICEF’s International Internship Program provides a unique platform for students globally, including many from Africa, to engage in hands-on experiences. 

This initiative fosters cross-cultural collaboration, allowing interns to contribute meaningfully to UNICEF’s mission. 

It’s a valuable opportunity for skill development, mentorship, and making a positive impact on an international scale.

Youth Mediation Program (UNICEF):

Designed for young learners focused on making a mark in their field, this program is accessible to students worldwide, with a notable inclusion of African students.

UNICEF’s Youth Mediation Program offers a transformative opportunity for young learners worldwide. 

Focused on education and skill development, the program empowers participants, including many African students. 

It serves as a platform for youth to enhance their abilities, foster mediation skills, and contribute to positive change in their communities.

Global Volunteer Internship (UNICEF):

UNICEF’s Global Volunteer Internship is a dynamic initiative providing valuable opportunities for individuals worldwide.

This program, which is open to students, particularly empowers African youth. It allows volunteers to showcase their skills, contribute meaningfully to UNICEF’s mission, and gain enriching experiences. 

The Global Volunteer Internship stands as a testament to UNICEF’s commitment to fostering global collaboration and making a positive impact.

Empowering African students, this internship allows them to showcase their skills and values, gaining valuable experience in the process. 

UNICEF scholarships for African students contribute to establishing meaningful opportunities and experiences for the continent’s youth.


UNICEF scholarships for African students present an incredible opportunity for talented individuals to pursue their educational aspirations, fostering positive impacts within their communities.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we strongly encourage you to seize this chance and apply for a UNICEF scholarship. Best of luck in your endeavors!

We appreciate your time in reading our article on UNICEF scholarships for African students. 

We trust the provided information has been helpful and insightful. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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FAQ for unicef scholarships for african students 2024

What is the Unicef scholarship for Nigerian students?

UNICEF scholarship for Nigerian students support education in Nigeria, fostering bright futures for talented individuals.

How do I apply for a fully funded scholarship?

Apply for a fully funded UNICEF scholarship through the official website, following the specified application procedures.

What is the Unicef scholarship in the UK?

UNICEF scholarships in the UK provide financial assistance to eligible students pursuing higher education opportunities.

What is the difference between scholarships and fellowships?

Scholarships primarily fund education, while fellowships often support research or professional development in specific fields.

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