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amazon supply chain internship 2024




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The multinational tech company Amazon is well-known for its innovative supply chain management in addition to its skills in e-commerce. 

An example of the company’s dedication to developing talent and encouraging innovation in its logistical operations is the amazon supply chain internship.

This extensive programme gives participants practical experience and guidance from industry professionals, as well as essential insights into the complexities of supply chain management.

amazon supply chain internship 2024

One of the most advanced supply chain ecosystems in the world offers students an intensive learning experience through the widely sought-after programme, the amazon supply chain internship. 

Across multiple divisions, including transportation, logistics, inventory control, and procurement, the amazon supply chain internship provides a comprehensive understanding of Amazon’s complex supply chain system. 

Working on actual projects gives interns the chance to directly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Amazon’s operations.

Amazon supply chain internship salary

Amazon supply chain internship salary
Amazon supply chain internship salary

The competitive pay packages offered to interns chosen for the amazon supply chain internship are in line with industry norms.

The average hourly pay for a supply chain intern in the US is $20.41 as of January 18, 2024.

A supply chain intern’s typical compensation ranges widely (up to $6.01), indicating that there may be numerous prospects for growth and higher income contingent on location, years of experience, and skill level.

While particular salary specifics may vary depending on factors such as location and degree of education, Amazon ensures that interns are adequately compensated for their contributions and dedication during the amazon supply internship.

Amazon supply chain internship remote 2024

A diverse range of activities and duties catered to their areas of interest and skill are assigned to interns taking part in the amazon supply chain internship. 

Interns actively contribute to innovation and process improvement within the supply chain by doing things like implementing sustainability initiatives, optimising transportation routes, and analysing data to increase warehouse efficiency.

Participants work closely with cross-functional teams throughout the amazon supply chain internship to obtain insights into the different aspects of Amazon’s ecosystem supply chain. 

Additionally, they can participate in workshops, professional development sessions, and networking events to expand their supply chain management knowledge and skill set.

Eligibility Criteria for the amazon supply chain internship

Undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of academic backgrounds, including but not limited to supply chain management, logistics, engineering, business administration, and operations management, are eligible to apply for the Amazon Supply Chain Internship. 

Strong analytical abilities, a love of solving problems, and an eagerness to innovate in the field of supply chain management are characteristics of ideal applicants.

Candidates should have strong interpersonal and collaborative skills since, in Amazon’s fast-paced workplace, cooperation is essential to success. 

It is also very beneficial to have a strong interest in technology, sustainability, and e-commerce as they relate to supply chain operations.

Amazon Supply Chain Internship 2024 acceptance rate

Less than 1% of applicants are extended an opportunity to participate in Amazon’s incredibly competitive internship programme.

Apply for the amazon supply chain internship

To apply for the amazon supply chain internship, prospective applicants can visit the company’s official employment website or utilize university recruiting channels where Amazon actively engages in recruitment events and job ads. 

To determine whether they are a good fit for the internship programme, candidates could also be asked to take online tests or take part in video interviews. 

Offers outlining the specifics of the internship, such as its duration, location, and pay, will be sent to the chosen candidates.


Students get a rare opportunity to see firsthand the fast-paced world of supply chain management within one of the most innovative corporations in the world—the Amazon Supply Chain Internship. 

An internship in logistics and operations provides interns with vital skills and insights that help them succeed in the field through professional development opportunities, mentorship, and practical experience. 

The demand for skilled workers with a passion for supply chain excellence is constant as Amazon continues to transform the way things are sourced, shipped, and delivered. 

For these reasons, the Amazon Supply Chain Internship is a key to success in the workplace.

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FAQ for the amazon supply chain internship

Do you get paid as an Intern at Amazon?

At Amazon, an intern’s base pay is about $22 per hour. 

What do you do as a supply chain Intern?

Interns in the supply chain will gain knowledge on how to organise and carry out specific objectives, effectively convey their views, manage projects, and work in a team to achieve a common objective.

What are the requirements for internship in Amazon?

Whether you’re earning a PhD, MBA, Masters, or undergraduate degree.

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