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Apply Now for the interpol internship 2024




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A variety of internships in support services and policing are available through the interpol internship 2024. 

This is a fantastic chance to learn about international police cooperation and gain job experience in an international organization.

For those of you who are interested in security and criminal matters, we offer internships in our policing services. 

Additionally, we provide internships in all areas of our support services, including human resources, communications, and strategic planning.

interpol internship 2024 Overview

Although there are some chances at our other duty stations, the majority of our internship options are based at our Lyon headquarters in France. 

Each internship’s duty station is listed in the notice of vacancy.

Time Frame

Every job posting specifies the duration of the internship, which is determined by the employing service’s requirements. 

There is a minimum of six months and a maximum of eleven months.


A 550 euro monthly stipend, prorated based on the number of days worked, is awarded to interns.


The intern is responsible for covering all fees associated with the hiring process as well as any future travel, insurance, lodging, and living expenses.

clearance for security

An investigation into confidentiality will be conducted before any selection is confirmed. 

In the event that you are chosen, you will need to present a certificate of clean record from both your home country and any other nation in which you have spent more than a year within the previous five years.


It is the intern’s responsibility to secure and pay for the required visas. You will receive the required paperwork from INTERPOL.

health insurance

Before beginning, interns must produce a medical insurance certificate that covers them in the event of illness or death and is valid for the duration of the interpol internship 2024. 

They are also responsible for paying any medical expenses resulting from accidents and/or illnesses contracted during the internship.

Keep Information Private

You have to exercise discretion and maintain the privacy of any unpublished information you learn.

Interpol internship 2024 requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to work as an intern at INTERPOL:

  • on the date of application submission, be enrolled in or have graduated from a post-secondary authorized academic institution within the last year.
  • possess citizenship in one of the nations that make up INTERPOL.
  • have reached the majority age required by law in their nation of citizenship.
  • Possess English language proficiency.
  • fulfill the prerequisites listed for each specific internship position for which they are interested in applying.

Interpol internship 2024 deadline

A ninety-day full-time, unpaid internship can be completed under the interpol internship program in any of the following six divisions: 

  1. State and Local Police Liaison
  2. Financial/Fraud
  3. Drug
  4. Criminal
  5. Investigative Services. 

Interns will help handle data from standard criminal background checks. 

Candidates with a background in criminal justice, political science, or a language degree (preferably in Spanish or French) are encouraged to apply for this internship. 

Those pursuing degrees in public administration, finance, business management, computer science, information systems, or information management, among other related subjects, may find internships at the Office of the Director and Executive Office appropriate. 

Early June is when applications for the fall semester are due. Early June or October is the deadline for submitting applications for the spring semester.

Interpol internship 2024 application

Interpol internship 2024 application
Interpol internship 2024 application

Applications sent in response to specific internship openings are the only ones that will be taken into account. 

Applicants must use the Talentlink online application system, which may be accessed from each job posting. Include the following in your cover letter:

  • Why did you decide to apply for the INTERPOL internship program?
  • Your motivation for and qualifications for the particular internship for which you are applying.
  • Your goals going into this internship.

Apply Now

FAQ for the interpol internship 2024

How hard is it to get into INTERPOL?

Is it difficult to obtain a job at INTERPOL? Glassdoor users gave their INTERPOL interview a difficulty rating of 3.09 out of 5, with 5 being the maximum level of difficulty, and they assessed their experience as 63.6% favorable.

Which degree is best for INTERPOL?

Degrees in criminal justice, law, criminology, or IT may be necessary for employment with Interpol.

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