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Aspiring professionals can find ExxonMobil to be a ray of hope in the very competitive world of internships. 

It’s impossible to deny the appeal of getting firsthand experience at one of the biggest energy firms in the world. 

One important factor that frequently catches prospective interns’ attention is the exxonmobil intern salary. 

Gaining an understanding of this element will help you better understand the company’s attitude towards its interns and the overall benefits of the internship programme.

exxonmobil internship 2024

It’s important to place the ExxonMobil intern salary in the larger context of intern compensation before delving into the specifics of it. 

ExxonMobil is carrying on its tradition of providing interns in 2024 with excellent exxonmobil intern salary packages for a range of roles and locations. 

The ExxonMobil intern wage in Texas, a centre for the business’s operations and a top candidate for talent acquisition, is one of the main draws for prospective interns.

exxonmobil intern salary

An exxonmobil intern salary may expect to make between $6K and $11,000 a month in total compensation, which includes base pay and overtime. 

At ExxonMobil, an intern’s base pay averages $8K per month. The typical monthly bonus might take the form of cash, shares, commission, profit-sharing, tips, or cash bonuses.

Understanding the exxonmobil intern salary: what to expect

It is critical for interns starting their work with ExxonMobil to know exactly what to anticipate in terms of pay. 

Although precise numbers may differ depending on unique situations, the following is a broad summary:

  • Competitive Base Pay: ExxonMobil makes sure that its interns receive fair compensation for their time and work by providing them with competitive base pay.
  • Extra advantages: In addition to basic compensation, interns may be qualified for a number of extra advantages, such as access to company facilities, housing aid, and relocation stipends.
  • Performance-Based Incentives: Outstanding work during the internship could potentially result in bonuses or other incentives, which would increase the total compensation package.

Factors Influencing ExxonMobil Intern Salary

Several factors come into play when determining the salary for interns at ExxonMobil. These include:

  • Location: The geographical location of the internship plays a significant role in determining the salary.
  • Role and Responsibilities: The type of internship and the degree of responsibility given have an effect on the pay scale as well. 
  • Skills and Experience: Interns with specialized skills or relevant prior experience may command higher salaries compared to their peers. 

Exxonmobil intern salary texas

Exxonmobil intern salary texas
Exxonmobil intern salary texas

At ExxonMobil, a solution architect may earn as little as $4,080 annually in total compensation, while a data scientist may earn as much as $292,333. 

Stages.FYI gathers verified and anonymized salary information from both current and past ExxonMobil workers.

Apply for exxonmobil internship.

Go to the ExxonMobil website, register, and fill out an online application to apply for a job. Moreover, candidates have to pass a test relevant to the position. 

To apply for an internship with ExxonMobil, candidates must complete an online application and a job-specific evaluation. 

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An essential part of the whole internship experience, the exxonmobil intern salary reflects the company’s dedication to drawing in and keeping top talent. 

Interns can make the most of their time at ExxonMobil and set themselves up for success in the energy sector by grasping the variables that affect exxonmobil intern salaries and taking advantage of the possibilities presented.

The nuances of intern pay can provide you with important insights into the company’s culture, values, and dedication to its employees, whether you’re thinking about interning at ExxonMobil or are already involved in the experience. 

Hence, as you set out on your journey with ExxonMobil, welcome the chances that present themselves and make the most of every opportunity to develop, learn, and prosper.

FAQ for the exxonmobil intern salary

How much does ExxonMobil pay graduate trainee?

 A graduate trainee at ExxonMobil may expect to make a total of NGN 1,197,756 a year. 

The middle of the ranges from our unique Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our users, is represented by this number, which is known as the median.

How much do ExxonMobil expats make?

The basic salary and supplemental compensation for a Team Lead Expatriate Services at ExxonMobil is expected to vary from $115K to $204K annually.

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