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Fully-funded rotary peace fellowship 2025 (Guide)




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The rotary peace fellowship Centers program offers academic training, real-world experience, and international networking opportunities to empower peace and development workers with the networks and skills needed to be effective peacemakers. 

Supporting those who are dedicated to helping communities around the world, the fellowships pay for tuition, fees, housing, travel, and other costs. In 140+ countries, the program has trained over 1,700 fellows since its launch in 2002. 

These individuals have roles in government, non-governmental organizations, education, law enforcement, peacekeeping, and international organizations including the World Bank and the United Nations. 

Up to 50 master’s degree fellowships and up to 80 certificate study fellowships at esteemed universities are offered annually by the rotary peace fellowship, which is designed for seasoned leaders in peace and development.

rotary peace fellowship eligibility 2025

  1. The candidates’ English proficiency is a requirement.
  2. The applicants need to have an exceptional track record on construction projects.
  3. The candidates must be able to demonstrate their record of community or personal service as well as their academic accomplishments.
  4. A bachelor’s degree must have been earned by the students seeking a master’s degree.
  5. Master’s students must have at least three years of relevant experience between the start of the fellowship program and the date of their most recent degree.
  6. Applicants who are enrolled in graduate or undergraduate degree programs at this time are not eligible.
  7. Candidates wishing to apply for the rotary peace fellowship certificate program must meet all of the prerequisites listed above; however, they must also have five years of experience.
  8. Candidates for certificates must be able to articulate their strategy.
  9. Applications from candidates with disabilities are encouraged.
  10. Applicants must wait three years before applying for a master’s degree under this fellowship if they have previously attended a certificate program or a global award scholarship.
  11. Employees of Rotary International, the Rotary Club, or other Rotary organisations are not eligible.

How do I select rotary peace fellows?

Applications are evaluated at each stage of the procedure using the following standards:

  • According to the criteria, conditions, and qualifications.
  • fluency in English.
  • devotion to progress and peace.
  • Possibility of leadership.
  • Conformity with the goals of the fellowship, alignment with Rotary’s academic record, and suitability for the chosen university programme.
  • The Social Change Initiative’s viability and effects (just the certificate).

Eligibility restrictions

The following individuals are not qualified to receive the fellowship:

Rotaract members who are also active members of Rotary, or vice versa

personnel of Rotary International, a Rotary club or district, or another Rotary organisation

spouses, ancestors (parents or grandparents by blood), spouses of ancestors, and lineal descendants (children or grandchildren by blood or legal adoption) of any living individual falling into any of these groups.

Rotaract club members who are not also Rotary club members are eligible to apply, as are former members of the Rotary club and their families as mentioned above (within 36 months of their resignation).

The time between the end of the applicant’s most recent academic program (undergraduate or graduate degree) and the desired start date of the fellowship must be at least three years. 

Applicants who are enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs right now are not eligible to apply.

After completing a master’s program, certificate program, or Global Grant Scholarship, Rotary Peace Fellows are required to wait three years before applying for the fellowship again.

rotary peace centers

Rotary Peace Centers are located across the globe and offer specialized curricula designed to train individuals dedicated to peacebuilding and conflict resolution. 

These centers have graduated over 1,500 peace fellows from more than 115 countries since the program’s inception in 1999, with classes beginning three years later. 

Each center’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to address specific aspects of peacebuilding and to prepare the next generation of global changemakers. 

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rotary peace fellowship application

rotary peace fellowship application
rotary peace fellowship application

The Rotary Peace Fellowship application period for 2024–2025 is now concluded. In February 2024, the online application for the Rotary Peace Fellowship for 2025–2026 will be accessible. 

At that time, candidates can access the application by visiting this page.

To prepare a competitive application, take the following actions:

  • Examine the applicable experience guide and the eligibility limits listed below.
  • Examine the curricula and offerings of every Rotary Peace Center. If you match the requirements for both programs, you will be asked to rank which of the two centres you want for the master’s program.
  • Participate in Rotary. To find the closest Rotaract or Rotary club to you, use the Club Finder. 
  • Making contact with a Rotary club or district is a fantastic way to find out more about what Rotary does locally and globally.

rotary peace fellowship deadline

The Rotary Peace Fellowship application period for 2024–2025 is now concluded. 

The deadline for rotary peace fellowship 2025 is May 15, 2024. The online application for the Rotary Peace Fellowship for 2025–2026 will be accessible. 

At that time, candidates can access the application by visiting this page.

Encouraging local leaders in peace and development to apply for the Rotary Peace Fellowship is one way you can contribute to global peace efforts.

Rotary grants fully financed fellowships every year to peacebuilders from various backgrounds so they can attend one of our peace centres, which are housed in world-class universities, to further their studies. 

Rotary Peace Fellows enhance their efforts locally, regionally, or globally with their training. 

They can collaborate on peace building projects with clubs and districts before, during, and following their fellowships.

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FAQ for rotary peace fellowship 2025

How do you become a Rotary peace Fellow?

The master’s programme, which lasts 15 to 24 months and includes an applied field experience of two to three months between the first and second academic years, requires at least three years of relevant full-time job experience. 

What does fellowship mean in Rotary?

Rotary Fellowships are global organisations united by a shared interest. Joining a fellowship is an enjoyable way to expand your Rotary experience, meet people from all over the world, and pursue a hobby or career.

What are the Rotary peace activities?

By combating illness, supplying hygienic water and sanitation, enhancing maternal and child health, promoting education, and boosting regional economies, we directly contribute to the creation of the ideal environment for peaceful societies.

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