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fulbright postdoctoral fellowship 2024(full guide)




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Australia boasts a rich legacy of top-tier research and development, consistently earning high marks across global rankings, criteria, and academic disciplines for its exceptional education quality, student contentment, and worldwide renown.

By collaborating with renowned institutions, applicants gain exposure to Australia’s breathtaking natural marvels and scenic landscapes. 

In order to coincide with the Australian academic calendar and Fulbright orientation events, fulbright postdoctoral fellowship start in late January or early February. 

fulbright postdoctoral fellowship 2024

Research projects at different Australian institutions are made possible by the fulbright postdoctoral fellowship. 

Applicants must describe how they intend to interact with academics and students at the host university. Universities, research facilities, and other establishments devoted to higher education and research are examples of appropriate institutions. 

In accordance with the Australian academic calendar, grants start in January or February 2025. 

Participation in the orientation program and gala presentation dinner in February is also included. 

The Fulbright East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program is a noteworthy feature. It provides support for short-term (3-14 days) travel within the EAP area for events such as masterclasses, lectures, workshops, seminars, curricular assistance, or panel presentations. 

In their initial Fulbright application, scholars are not permitted to list host sites or activities under the Regional Travel Program.

However, after being awarded a grant, they can pursue invitations for similar events in other EAP nations. 

They can also, subject to certain requirements, apply for funds from the travel programme after formally initiating their Fulbright grant in their host nation. 

The regional travel award is not available to scholars who are receiving Flex scholarships.

fulbright postdoctoral fellowship salary

For a maximum of 10 months, the award offers a monthly stipend of AUD$3,500 (about USD$2,300). 

A travel and relocation allowance is also provided, which includes AUD$2,000 (about USD$1,300) for an establishment allowance and AUD$3,500 (roughly USD$2,300) for round-trip economy class airfare from the scholar’s home city to the host school. 

Benefits for fulbright postdoctoral fellowship dependents are provided; scholars who travel with qualifying dependents for at least 80% of the program’s duration may be eligible for a one-time payment of AUD$3,200 (about USD$2,100). 

Enrollment in Australia’s National Health Care Cover Scheme (Medicare) as supplemental coverage alongside fulbright postdoctoral fellowship-provided health benefits and personal medical insurance, as well as travel and lodging for all scholars.

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fulbright postdoctoral fellowships for non-u.s. Citizens

Unless special exceptions are granted by the Fulbright Commission/Foundation or the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. 

At the Embassy from which the application is received, applicants must fulfil the following requirements in order to be eligible:

citizenship or status as a permanent resident that enables the applicant to travel with a valid passport from the nation in which they are applying. 

Those who are applying for or already possess permanent residency status in the US are not eligible. 

Additionally, dual nationals of the United States and a partner nation are not eligible. Fulbright Scholars are required to live in their home country for two years after entering the nation on an Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa.

Having earned a PhD or having gained comparable professional training or experience at the time of application. 

Outside of academics, professionals and artists should have a solid track record of accomplishments and a recognised professional status.

submission of a thorough declaration detailing intended study or teaching activities at a university in the United States. 

The project must be feasible within three to twelve months in the United States and advance knowledge in the applicant’s field.

English language proficiency is appropriate for the planned research project or lectures, with the potential to take an English proficiency test at the US Embassy.

good bodily and mental health; before grants are finalised, a medical history and examination report must be submitted. Activities requiring a medical or nursing licence are not covered by grants.

All applicants are considered equally, regardless of their age, gender, colour, religion, or physical disability. 

fulbright-nehru postdoctoral fellowship

These fulbright postdoctoral fellowships are designed for Indian faculty and researchers who are in the early stages of their research careers in India.  

Talented faculty members and researchers will have the chance to enhance their research skills through the fulbright postdoctoral fellowship. 

Postdoctoral fellows will assist establish long-term collaborative partnerships with U.S. teachers and institutions and will get access to some of the best resources in their fields of interest. These are 8 to 24 month fellowships.

Talented faculty members and researchers will have the chance to enhance their research skills through the fulbright postdoctoral fellowship. 

Postdoctoral fellows will assist establish long-term collaborative partnerships with U.S. teachers and institutions and will get access to some of the best resources in their fields of interest. 

These are eight to twenty-four month fellowships. 

Only applications in the following fields are being accepted:

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology
  • Bioengineering
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economics
  • Education Policy 
  • Planning
  • Energy Studies
  • History
  • Materials Science (with a focus on environmental applications)
  • Bioengineering
  • Computer Science (including, but not limited to, cyber security, digital economy, quantum computing, artificial intelligence).

Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship requirements

Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship requirements
Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship requirements

To be eligible for this prize, applicants cannot be dual citizens or permanent residents of the award country, nor can they be residents of that country at the time of application or after. 

It is also required of all applicants to submit a letter of invitation from the proposed institution with their application. 

There are no prerequisites for linguistic competency; fluency in English is deemed acceptable.

Applicants may email the Scholarships Team at the Australian Fulbright Commission with any questions.

Your guide for fulbright postdoctoral fellowship

post doctoral fellowship 2024

Postdoctoral awards give freshly graduated students the chance to study abroad and acquire professional skills while conducting research. 

Limited instruction may be required for awards. Scholars who will have earned a doctorate (Ph.D., J.D., M.D., Ed.D., etc.) within five to seven years of the fellowship start date are eligible for fulbright postdoctoral fellowship awards, as specified in the award description. 

It is required to bestow the degree prior to the start of the award. In the US, institutional affiliation is not necessary.

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FAQ for fulbright postdoctoral fellowship

Who is eligible for Fulbright postdoc?

Each candidate must possess a terminal degree in their discipline or a Ph. D. Candidates that are successful will speak and write English very well.

How much is the Fulbright postdoctoral fellowship stipend?

Totaling $40,000, or $20,000 every academic year, is the Fulbright grant. Basic post-doctoral stipends offered by Israeli host institutions are supplemented by Fulbright funds. Post-doctoral researchers from various academic fields are eligible to apply for this programme.

How hard is it to get a Fulbright fellowship?

Depending on your academic background, Fulbright offers a variety of grants with an acceptance rate ranging from 10% to 20%. Fulbright is a fantastic programme that can propel you to great success.

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